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Welcome Statue of Liberty

"It is irresponsible to disseminate conclusions that are not supported by any scientific evidence, especially if that information will be used to infringe upon the freedom, autonomy, or Right's of Property Owners and Individuals".

Welcome To Our Site!

We are committed to the Equal Private Property Rights of the small bar, tavern, and restaurant owners, not mention your right to gather, or your right to choose. We are working to stop the violations of these rights under the 1st. & 14th. amendments of the Constitution of the United States of America.

Effective July 1, 2006 a statewide no-smoking ban was implemented, and cost thousands of Colorado’s favorite bar, tavern, and restaurant owners to suffer great profit losses, and many will close their doors. We are relying on everyone who believes in the 1st. & 14th. amendments to help support your favorite bar and restaurant owners,
and donate today. The Coalition of Equal Rights, needs your support in order to fight against this injustice.

"We believe that it is our responsibility as the Coalition For Equal Rights  to help save the "Mom & Pop" tavern and restaurant owners in the state of Colorado, and their businesses.  We must protect these Private Property Rights under the Constitution of the United States of America, and let no government violate those rights.  Our firm and staff members contribute time, talent, and money to help make a difference."

Coalition For Equal Rights

 From the president of the CER.

I would like for everyone who enters this site to recite the pledge of allegiance to the flag. Then keep in mind the phrase, "And to the republic for which it stands". Also keep in mind the phrase, "For liberty and justice for all". Then think about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. In a Republic the majority cannot dictate laws simply because he has more numbers and better funding.(i.e. RWJF vs CER) See link to RWJF funding on web site. This president, (Obama), gave a speech last June with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in the back ground. He told the American public how important the words in these two documents were. The only thing wrong was that he was talking about the rights of the terrorists not American citizens. The HYPOCRISY of government, You can sell and distribute the product, you just cannot use the product anywhere but your own home. Unless it is divided by a common wall, (i.e. Duplex, Townhome, or Apartment), then not in your own home. See where Tobacco Taxes go on Web Site

Read my mission statement in, "What we are doing". Then go to, "How you can help".

James L. VonFeldt,Pres. CER.

Retired Feb. 8, 2012


States Go to War on Cigarette Smuggling

University of Minnesota/OSU Tobacco Control Study Flawed


Fire Safe Cigarettes are coming to Colorado, Click here to read about them

Economic fears snuff out smoking bans, click here to read the article

The Kuneman/McFadden Heart Attack/Smoking Ban Study:(rejected by the BMJ) "Our main problem with the paper was that we did not think it added enough, for general readers to what is already known about smoking and health " The BMJ Editorial Committee 7/6/06

62 lose jobs as the Wild Horse Casino closes down.

Four Groups File Complaints Against Carmona's 2006 Report; Scientific Misconduct as Reasons for Complaint Against Ex-Surgeon General


Businesses Closed In Colorado After the Smoking Bans


Arvada Tavern-Established in 1835

Assorted Tavern

B52 Billiards


Balloon Inn



Bear Valley Inn

Big E's

Biily's Inn

Bingo Palace

Black Forest Inn

Blue Bar




Bruno's Beer Joynt

Cap's Bar

Casual Lounge

Center Field Sports Bar

Chance Saloon

Chance's Saloon


Corral Bar


Creft Line

Cyndia's Lounge


Effin's Bar and Grill

El Band Olero

El Tejon Restaurant

Fender Entertainment (Vendor)

Fourty Four Club


Gaslamp Grill

Grimm Reaper

It'll Do

Jackson Hole Saloon (6th & Kipling)

Jocks and Jills Sports Grill

Joe's Sports Shack


Monument Bowl


Mr. K's


Mulbo Navern's



Pepper's Night Club

R & R Lounge

Red Gaarter Lounge


Rita Rosa

Roasty's Steakhouse

Sheridan Billiards


Silver City

Silver Saddle

Six Shooters

Skirts and Skins

Snooks Tavern

Sobo 151

Splash I

Splash II

Squating Chicken

Stein's Tavern

Strike Zone

The Alumni

The Arena

The Down Under

The Golden Cue

The Oasis

The Office Lounge

Town Tavern

Triangle Lounge

Union Colony Brewery

Vivian's Coloney

Western Bar


Businesses known to have changed hands since the ban.

Arvada tavern (3 Times)

Balloon Inn

Binkers (2 Times)

Bonfire (2 Times)

Chance Saloon

Front Range Inn


Oasis Lounge (Littleton)

Ralston Lounge

Red Lion


Splash II (2 Times)

Sports Barn



In 2005 there were 44 Bingo Halls, Today there are 28 Halls.

Wild Hourse Casino (62 Employee's)

Your name:

If you know of a Business that has closed due to the smoking ban, please let us know.

Email address:

Please provide in case we need help verifying the information

Business or Businesses Closed:

Links To Interesting Articles!

Homeowners association considers smoking ban

Germany Deals with New Smoking Regulations

House subcommittee rejects public smoking ban

Gotta Read Articles

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Read Letters & Emails
New Letters

October 1, 2007
Mom and Pop neighborhood bars and taverns have lost revenue totaling over $ 25,000,000 since the ban went into effect.
Over 70 bars have closed as a direct effect of the smoking ban.
Excise tax revenue to the State has exponentially decreased as a direct effect of the ban.
Support vendors, suppliers and liquor distributors have lost money as a direct effect of the ban.
Hundreds of people, employees and there families, have lost income from job reductions and closures of bars and taverns as a direct effect of the ban. If you really care about children and single mothers, how can you justify this?

Find out what is being done with MSA funds in your state.
Through Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) payments and monies from other similar settlements, state governments have unprecedented funds available to them to reduce youth smoking. These settlements provide the states up to $246 billion from tobacco companies over a 25-year period for use in supporting anti-smoking efforts. Future annual payments, based upon inflation and cigarette sales, will continue in perpetuity.......

"Of all tyrannies a tyranny exercised for the good of its victim may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated, but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience."

- C.S. Lewis. "


"It's a sad day for freedom when business owners who cater to strictly adult clientele aren't allowed to dictate what legal activities can take place inside the closed doors of their establishments."
Jose Rodriguez

The Coalition for Equal Rights supports responsible drinking. And 21 means 21, to learn more visit dontserveteens.com


Coalition For Equal Rights  info at stopthebans.com

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